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Dear Friends of Arch Street,

We thank you for your tireless support of Arch Street, The Greenwich Teen Center, the longest running, privately funded, teen center in America. We, at Arch Street, believe that all of our teens, friends, and family form a united community. We want to keep our Arch Street friends and family informed when we have an issue that affects our teen center.

Our heating and air conditioning system needs to be replaced and we are undertaking a fundraising campaign to address this. As of Memorial Day weekend our system has been non-functioning. It is 27 years old and uses an R22 refrigerant, Freon, that is being phased out, and will be illegal in the near future.

Replacement of the system will cost approximately $200,000 and this is where we need everyone’s help to reach our FRESH AIR FUND GOAL! The new system will be energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and leave less of a carbon footprint.

Please give what you can to help us meet our goal. Our teens and staff Thank You for your continued dedication, commitment, and support.

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